Adding Delivery Charges Based on Zip Code



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    Phillip Hullquist

    The suggestion of having a field or calculation for delivery charges was significantly discussed in early 2015 on the old forum, and again in early 2021 here:

    It's been eight years now so I wouldn't expect to see Checkfront fix it. Unfortunately, most feature suggestions are ignored.

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    Jim Norton

    The thing is, they could probably base it on the tax calculator. We just need to calculate a fixed fee for the zip codes. Most of the capability is there already. But the calculator doesn't go down below the state level. This also doesn't make sense as Ohio sales taxes are based on the county, not the state. I will have to find another rental software that gives us what we need.  

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    Dedric Hourde

    yes, similar thing here.

    many of us have asked (for years !) about a delivery option for Checkfront. or at least the possibility to have a mandatory item...

    I'm sure many businesses would have different requirements as to how this mandatory item's amount needs to be calculated (flat fee or percentage, always or only if below/above a certain amount, etc...) but even a basic feature (to begin with) would be better than no feature...

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