Taking a security deposit with a booking deposit


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    Aubry Ludlow

    Hi Carol

    To create a refundable deposit, the first thing you need to do is to set up your deposits on your products. To do that go to Inventory > Products > open any product > go to Pricing tab > Scroll down to Booking Deposit and enter a fixed deposit amount.

    Once that is done, from the same page click on “Create New" under Tax and enter the name as “Security Deposit” > Enter the amount that you need to refund > Apply it to all the required items. 

    Now all the new bookings will ask for the default deposit amount at the time of booking. At the checkout time, the staff member will have to go to the invoice > select the “Edit” tab > remove the Security deposit tax.

    The final step would be to refund the payment from the Transactions tab you can refer to our refund documentation for more information.

    Feel free to reach out to support@checkfront.com for any questions.


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