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    Rich Harris

    We have had challenges with guests not filling out guest info and forms too and I think there are opportunities to improve how this works.  

    Whilst we understand what guest information is and why it is needed, from a user perspective I don't think it's very clear why they need to enter guest information and the interface is quite unintuitive.  They have just entered this information when booking so being asked for it again is always a little annoying.  It is optional and so if they just can't be bothered they can skip it, they have to read the screen very carefully to work out what to do, the entry fields are on the right and the eye is just not drawn to it (some people miss the fields altogether) and selecting which item is for each guest is sometimes useful for us but, again, another discouraging step that may require a little thought for the customer.  Most of these points also apply to the form completion screen too.

    The end result for us was that the majority of people were not completing the info/forms prior to arrival which is really what we want.  We have had to get very forceful with our messaging and product descriptions to draw attention to this and improve completion rates but it is still not great.  

    The changes we would like to see are:

    1. An option to make completion of info and forms mandatory in order to complete a booking (i.e. prior to payment)

    2. A review of the user interface for guest info and forms to make it more intuitive to complete.

    3. Making item selection an optional element (i.e. allow the guest information to be just applied to the booking as a whole and not a specific item).

    4. If there was also a way of linking a form completed from the public directory to a booking that would also be a nice improvement for record keeping purposes. 

    Thanks for your consideration of these suggestions.


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    Hi Paula and Rich,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback related to the Guest Form.

    This will be a great thread for our Product team to track since the overall guest experience is something we'd like to improve in the future.

    Rich Harris, I just posted here with some tips on how you could make some customizations to the Guest Form to hopefully alleviate some of your pain points. Please check it out 😄

    For your last point, as long as you allow waivers to be applied to multiple bookings, you should be able to manually attribute filled waivers to a booking.

    Hopefully, this helps!

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  • This!!!!☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽
    Omg. Adding digital waivers was supposed to take the headaches away. It only makes matters worse when ppl don’t fill out waivers at the time of booking and you have to go back and manually attach them. It has created MORE WORK!

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  • Janee! We hear you 😮️

    Rich's feedback helps our product team understand where the gaps are as we build and improve on functionality. We appreciate you're letting us know how this has created more work for you. However, it is more helpful for our product team if you can provide the steps around your pain points. 

    Can you provide an example scenario where you experience these pain points? What leads up to this extra work? Where is the product gap for you specifically? Are there any other solutions you would like to see for your specific pain points? 

    This helps us understand the usage across our wide customer base and look for common ground that leads to solutions that work for many. 

    Thanks in advance! 

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    Don Ingrassano

    the primary booker adds guest information. They should be able to edit their own guest list. They should be able to delete their errors as well

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