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    Hi Brad,

    Thank you for reaching out about this! I see you already understand why the system is doing this, but for those who may read this thread in the future I would like to outline the situation: 

    What is happening is an item with a set deposit of 50% is being booked and paid for, then, the booking is being edited resulting in a larger total. Because the original payment was for a deposit based on the smaller total, it no longer meets the criteria to count as a full deposit. The system sees that the deposit hasn't been met, so it then requests the difference to meet the deposit before requesting the rest of the payment.

    This is intended behaviour, this way the customer knows how much of the deposit is left to pay before their booking is finalized. One way you can request the full payment to the customer is to set up a new notification that uses the {$BOOKING_PAY_FULL_URL} variable. This variable creates a URL unique to the booking that directs customers to the payment page. The payment page will contain a full layout of the customer's invoice and request the entirety of the remaining payment, even if there's an amount still left to pay on the deposit. You could then set the booking to a custom status after you make edits to send this out automatically. You can read more on our Notification Variables here:

    Thank you for your feedback on this topic! We would love to hear how this works for you, or if anyone else has any other tricks they use in this situation.

    Happy Bookings!

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    Brad Rafferty

    I do not want to request the full payment, that defeats the purpose of a deposit. They pay the remaining balance when they check in. I just want them to see a full invoice if there are any changes to their balance. Would it be possible to add a new variable that shows the full invoice rather than just what is due to reach a 50% deposit. Maybe this could be called {%EMBED_INVOICEFULL} or something similar???

    I would really just like them to be emailed the same invoice that I see. This is another example of an invoice that a customer will be showing up with for my next trip. This makes no sense and causes an awkward conversation at check-in.

    Total: $504.00
    Amount Paid: $249.50
    Balance Due (0%): $2.50


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    Julie Kidman

    Yes - I too would like the feature that Brad has outlined as having something called "Balance Due" when it is actually only the amount needed to bring the invoice up to the deposit amount is very confusing.

    Could the Invoice layout have an option for 

    Total $xx

    Amount Paid $xx

    Total Balance to Pay $xxx

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    Julie Kidman


    I've searched on the help site but hopefully, there is something you can do here.

    When a customer makes a booking and has paid the 30% deposit the balance due is the 70% which is all good.
    BUT then if we edit it to add extra items or change something the due is not the total less the deposit already paid (which is what I would like) but instead, the small % required to bring the deposit up to 30% - this is very confusing for customers.
    1.  Could there be a separate line
    Total:  $3,249.00
    Amount Paid: $675.00
    GST (included @ 15%) $470.87
    Balance due for 30% deposit (9%):  $299.70
    Total Balance due:  $2,574.00
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    Beth Stone

    We are in the same situation. It is VERY CONFUSING to customers and we have even had some try to get out of paying the full balance because of this. It would be more customer friendly if it would show the percentage paid and percentage left to pay instead of what it takes to meet the 50% deposit. This has caused several headaches for employees and customers alike.  Sounds like Brad has the right idea above.

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    F - hotspots2c

    Also have a similar issue. The system has item-specific deposits that can be set up and 'global deposits, but our customers and booking process needs 'booking specific' deposits.

    It would be amazing if every booking as a 'section' to select or add a % or 'amount' that need to be paid by a specific date... this booking/invoice-specific deposit should override the global or item-specific deposit settings.

    Total: $1,000.00
    Deposit Balance due for 30% deposit to reserve:  $300.00
    Final Balance due:  $700.00
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