Enable different operation times for different inventory locations within the same account



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    Jay Coughlan

    Hi Martin,

    At this time, there can only be one set of operating hours per Checkfront account. We've received similar feedback before and we'll definitely continue to collect and monitor additional insights that might be added here in this forum thread.

    What some operators do is set up their items as normal, and then manage the hours of operation by reducing inventory for closed times on the New Inventory Calendar Experience. This is a manual process, but by using the Bulk Editing feature, the process is sped up significantly.

    I hope this helps! Thank you again for your feedback on the topic. :) 

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    Martin Thompson

    In our specific case we place bicycles at partners hotels, and they prefer to manage their bookings through our system, so we are all on the same page - but naturally every hotel and and point of sale partner has slightly different operating hours.

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