Ability for Partner accounts to to create AND delete bookings



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    Martin Thompson

    It seems like a significant oversight not to include this functionality and for it is becoming a critical issue, as we have had to enable our partners to have Staff accounts as a workaround to this limitation.

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    Jay Coughlan

    Hi Martin,

    We have received this feedback in the past, and will continue to monitor this thread for more feedback from yourself and other Checkfront users. While we don't yet have a feature for partners to cancel a booking directly in the dashboard, there is a workaround you can set up so they can cancel the bookings themselves.

    To do this, set up a new notification that sends to the Staff email that created the booking. This will include the partner email if the account that made it was a partner. In this notification's body, include the {$BOOKING_CANCEL_URL} and set it to send on a status most partner bookings will come in as. This could be PAID, PENDING, or whichever status the Default Staff Status is set to under Manage > Setup > Configuration. This will provide the partner account with a way to cancel the booking without needing to contact you every time.

    For more information about Notification Variables, please see our Knowledge Base document on the topic here:

    I hope this helps! 

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    Dedric Hourde

    Coincidentally, I just started to use this email variable this week, in my Notifications.


    There are a few limitations that you need to be aware of:

    • the Partner will be able to cancel the booking, no matter what its status is. Which includes "Paid" bookings; the refund is not performed (and has to be dealt with). I strongly suggest you set up a notification for the Status "Cancelled" to specifically send an email to the Partner and/or to yourself to make sure someone checks for the need of a potential refund...
    • if for whatever reason the Partner forwards his email to the final Customer, the cancellation link will still work, ie the Customer may be able to cancel himself "without supervision"… Make sure you communicate appropriately with your Partners...


    While the variable provides an URL, which is easily seen as a clickable link by most browsers & email apps, I wanted something that looks more like a clickable button.

    I then modified the HTML code in my Notification as follow:

    <div class="mycancelbutton">
    If you made this booking by mistake, you can <a href="{$BOOKING_CANCEL_URL}">
    <button style="width:280;height:24; background-color:rgb(255,40,0); color:rgb(255,255,255)"><strong>CANCEL it here</strong>


    I hope this helps.


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