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    Dedric Hourde

    Hi Lori.


    I did some quick test, and I originally came up with 2 possible solutions (but they each have their own pros & cons), but then it turns out that only 1 is really useful. (the other one has too many downfalls)

    So here is my suggestion:

    STEP 1:

    Create an item "Station 1"
    With inventory = 1
    Create a parameter "Station_Parameter" as below:

    So you get this in the Attributes page:

    Set the pricing as needed.

    Then Save the item. 
    Then duplicate this item 3 times (and rename it to "Station 2", "Station 3" & "Station 4")
    You can also edit the Item SKU to reflect the name.

    STEP 2:

    Now, create an Item "Whole Kitchen"
    With inventory = 1
    Create a parameter "Kitchen_Parameter" as below:

    So you get this in the Attributes page:

    Set the pricing as needed.

    In the Package page, add all 4 "Station x" items like this:

    • Required (hidden)
    • Parameter mapping: "Kitchen_Parameter" <—> "Station_Parameter"

    you end up like this:



    and you are good to go!


    The Whole kitchen will be available as long as all 4 stations are available (for the time requested).

    Since I haven't thoroughly tested it, please play with it to find how well it works [for you].


    I hope this helps...

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    Admin Admin

    I needed to do something similar where I have a Stall that is made up of Lane A and Lane B.  The Stall could be rented which should reflect in both Lane A and Lane B they are not rentable.  The same goes for the individual Lanes that if either Lane A or Lane B is rented that the Stall for that time is unavailable.  The catch is the time frames for all 3 items could overlap.

    Aliasing sorta worked.  If Stall was rented then the Lane A and Lane B were not rentable (correct).  If Lane A was rented then Stall showed not rentable (correct), but Lane B also showed not rentable (wrong).

    Packaging works if the times across the Lanes are the same an it didn't matter if the Stall time was the same or different, but that is not my business model with regards to time and the Lanes together need to match exactly.

    I have talked with 3 different support members and they all say it is working as designed and offered varying solutions which never 100% work unless I change my requirements.  Why is Checkfront not willing to enhance the product so this works in either Aliasing or Packaging as one would expect.  I guess the better question is who is using the way it works now and likes it?

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