Can we adjust minimum booking after a certain number of bookings have been made?


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    Colton Davenport

    Hi Sebastian,

    Colton here, from Checkfront Support.

    We do not currently support that type of conditional availability. However, I definitely see how useful this would be. So, I would encourage you share to your feedback through our Product Idea Portal. By submitting it there, our Product Team will be able to collect information on how customers would like this to work. This can have a direct impact on our product development and help make it even better.

    Here's what you would need to do:

    1. Go to the Product Idea Portal
    2. Click on + Submit Idea in the top-right
    3. In at least one sentence, tell us about the problem you're facing
    4. In at least one sentence, let us know what outcome you're hoping to achieve

    We're always working to improve our product, and your feedback is incredibly valuable to us.

    Potential Alternative

    One potential alternative to this setup is what we call the "Book Now, Confirm, Pay Deposit" booking flow. With that setup, you could allow single-person bookings to happen, without committing to those trips. If after some cutoff a date only has 1 person on it, you could then cancel the booking without having to refund. You could also reach out to those single person bookings and ask if they want to shift to a date with more than one person.

    This would probably mean a bit more work for your staff, but might help make bookings easier for customers.


    I hope that helps! I really do encourage you to add your voice to the Product Idea Portal, I think that this would be a very helpful feature for our system.

    Have a good day!

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