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    Isadora Martins

    Hello Leigh, 

    Thank you for reaching out today. :) 

    Currently, Checkfront does not have an official 'Waitlist' feature. We do have a feature request for this, which I will add you to. This will show our Product team that there is further interest in a Waitlist functionality. 

    In the meantime, some of our users are using placeholder items. So either one item called 'Waitlist' then using Booking Form fields to determine which item they would like to book and for when. Or, using multiple placeholder items to represent each of the individual 'Waitlists' available. 

    These placeholder items typically do not have a cost associated. Then users will create a specific notification for these waitlists to let the customers know that they are on a Waitlist and will be contacted once you have an opening, etc.

    I hope this helps.

    Feel free to reach out if you require any further assistance, any of my teammates here at Checkfront Support or myself would be happy to help at any time!


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    Phillip Hullquist

    Waitlists have been suggested as far back as June 2013 on the old forum. Unfortunately, it seems no progress has been made in over a decade even though it's been been brought up again nearly every year.

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