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    Hi there!

    Thanks for the great description of what you're hoping to achieve.

    I'd recommend creating two separate 30 min flex-time items; one for 1-hour rentals and another for 2 hours. You'd set the fixed length to be '2' for the 1-hour item and '4' for the 2-hour item.

    This will allow you to apply a 30 min maintenance/cleaning time to each item.

    Lastly, don't forget to alias them together so that they share the same availability and you do not get overbookings.

    They should look something like this-

    1 hour rental


    2 hour rental

    Hopefully, this helps to point you in the right direction. 🙂

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    Thanks for the answer, but your per hour mechanism eliminates a lot of features I use that exists on time slots.  Unless I am missing something if I use per hour I don't have the ability to pick which days the time works for as well as and end time; correct?  It would be nice to have all the features combined as options.

    Even if this option was available to time slots, the aliasing doesn't work as I think it should.  Per another issue I had submitted if I have two items which I alias together and one has time on the hour for an hour and another item on the 1/2 hour for an hour the "pool" concept doesn't recognize the extra half an hour on the end so it looks like the time is free.

    That said ended up having to create a cleanup item for 1 hour and manually add it to the reservation and select the hour after the reservation time slot. 

    What would be nice to also have is where you can add an item as a package and the option is to have its start time be right after the overall reservation.  Keep in mind that someone could rent for 2 hours and would have picked the same item twice for consecutive time which means the functionality needs to know it is at the end of the 2nd hour and not add it to both items' times.

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