Force items to be bought in pairs



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    Dedric Hourde

    Hi David Waters,


    I haven't tested this myself, but here is a direction you may want to explore:

    When setting up your item in the Inventory, go the "Attributes" tab.

    In the section "Parameters", edit the parameter that controls your inventory and set the default value to 2.

    If you are able to also set the "visibility" of that parameter to "hidden to all", then this may be enough - please do some testing! -

    otherwise, you may have to create an Item event with a dedicated rule to make sure minimum & maximum quantities are regulated. 


    There may be another (simpler!) method, so I hope others might be able to help...


    Best of luck & let us know how you do it at the end (this may help others in the future).


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    Ethan Donahue

    Hi David and Dedric! 
    That is a really great solution Dedric, this may be possible with Item Events. However, this means that you have to create many different item events. 
    An alternate solution that we have come up with if we are understanding that you would like the tickets to be bought in increments of '2'. 

    1. Cut your inventory in half. 
      Example: If you have a total of 50 tickets, but need to sell them in Pairs. Cut this in half to '25' so that you can never sell out of 'pairs'. 
    2. Then you can change the Parameter name to make it clear that this is a purchase of '2'. Such as: 'Pair of tickets' or 'Per 2 tickets', anything along these lines. 
    3. Next, change the price to represent 2 tickets purchased. 
    4. Now, when your customers book, they will be booking per 2 tickets and charged accordingly.

     *The key factor here is to make it clear to your customers that they are sold in Pairs. I would add this to the Parameter name, and possibly the Description of the item. 
    I hope this might work for you, David! 

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