Bulk Edit Feature for Inventory Items



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    Jen Else

    This would be very useful!!

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    Dedric Hourde

    I recently had communication about this with Support, and was very disappointed with their answer. In short, they know and admit the import function doesn't work properly, and is inconsistent (!).
    They don't recommend to use is for updating items. Instead, the sole purpose of this "feature" is to create new items (for which you still need to manually finish the setup)...

    Previously, I had read in their knowledge base that the import function would create a new item if the SKU doesn't already exist, and update any (and only) fields that are filled (in the imported file) for an already existing item, leaving unmodified other fields (if blank in the csv); which is how I believe anyone would expect it to function.

    Unfortunately, that is not the case.

    Community: please UPVOTE this feature !!


    CheckFront: please FIX this issue.



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